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Custom Mirrors for Commercial and Residential Use

Mirror glass options are a big deal when designing a specific look and feel for commercial and residential areas. McIntyre Glass specializes in custom mirrors used for retail floors, corporate meeting rooms and even home renovations.

Sometimes you need a specific size, shape, edge style or even color to bring the decor inline. And numerous clients have used our custom mirror glass fabrication to get the project done quickly and affordably.

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A "Reflection" Upon Your Business

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There are many considerations when meeting the requirements of a commercial setting. These include safety, application, style, reflective surface, handicap/special needs and mounting systems to name just a few.

In areas with high vandalism, one way glass is an option to help reduce inventory shrinkage, as well as tempered or laminated glass mirrors.

McIntyre Glass offers  customized solutions that fit your specific style and budget. Both large and small projects are welcomed, and our experienced team can help you tailor a mirror that works in any venue. We are ready to help with:

  • Mirror Glass Fabrication
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Mirror Cutting
  • Mirror Repair
  • One Way Glass
  • Two Way Glass
  • Cut to Size
  • Wall Mirrors
  • Commercial Mirrors
  • Residential Mirrors
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