McIntyre Glass

Board Up Service

Fast, Temporary Protection from the Elements

Homeowners and businesses who are affected by storms, accidents or vandalism all make use of the Board Up Service offered through McIntyre Glass. Our emergency board up services are fast and complete, including:

  • Protection from the elements and weather
  • Safety from broken glass and debris
  • Security from illegal entry
board up service

Why Consider McIntyre Glass for Your Emergency Relief?

board up
emergency board up

Our experienced team of board up professionals use powerful tools and proven techniques to ensure that debris such as shards of glass, wooden splinters and more are collected properly and disposed of. Our emergency board up solutions offer a temporary fix you can live with until the windows, doors or roof can be replaced.

The work we do entails:

  • Preventing drafting of cold/hot air
  • Helps keep your window frames and exteriors safe from damage in the boarding up process
  • Offers real security

We also can tarp-over areas of  water intrusion, caused by structural roof damage. Problems on the roof can be hard to spot without a thorough evaluation by an experienced professional.

Utilizing proven techniques and the most advanced equipment and supplies, our certified team completes every job with excellence and a high degree of customer satisfaction. We also provide real-time status updates to you and your insurance company as the work is being completed.

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